EVERY MORNING WHEN I DRINK MY FIRST CUP OF COFFEE I think about you, my customer. I wonder, are you enjoying
your coffee today? Is it motivating you, making you happy, helping to kick your day off to a good start? These are the thoughts that I take with me to my roastery each day, inspired to do good work and roast the best coffee I can for the best customers a girl could hope for. I love my little business but I couldn't do this without you so I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you for trusting me with your morning cup of Joe. Because of you I get to do what I love and I sincerely hope that Lucky Shot brightens your day the way your continued support has brightened mine.  

Peace & Love, 

Shannon Mackey is Lucky Shot Coffee's founder and roaster. She first became interested in the world of coffee while living in Oxford, Mississippi and working as a barista. But it was when she tried her first cup of air roasted coffee that she fell hopelessly in love and decided to buy an air roaster and kick off her little coffee business. She is drawn to the adventure of small business and to the labor of love from farm to cup that is the coffee industry.
When she's not roasting coffee, Shannon enjoys photography, playing her ukulele, and long walks in the woods.
She lives in Mobile, Alabama with her husband and their dog, Beasley.
She considers herself a very lucky girl.