Lucky Shot Coffee Lite Roast

Lite Roast

The Lucky Shot Lite Roast is made from beans grown in either Central America or Africa that are roasted to a light level so that the full flavor profile is preserved. Our current offering is an organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

Lucky Shot Coffee Beasley Blend

Beasley Blend

The Beasley Blend is a blend of coffee beans grown in Guatemala and Colombia that are roasted to a medium level. Named after our pug Beasley, who rescued us in 2014, this blend is roasted with lots of love and $1 from each bag goes directly to animal rescue. This quarter's target rescue is Krewe de Rescue, an animal rescue organization dedicated to rescuing the unwanted, abused, and neglected animals in the Mobile, Alabama and surrounding areas. For more information on the important work they are doing, visit

Lucky Shot Coffee Dark Roast

Dark Roast

The Lucky Shot Dark Roast is roasted till the beans are dark and shiny. Our current offering is made from beans grown in the Chiapas region of Mexico along with a smooth Colombian Supremo.

Lucky Shot Coffee Satori Espresso

Satori Espresso Blend

Satori....the Buddhist word meaning "sudden enlightenment"...and we believe it's the perfect word to describe our espresso blend! As an espresso shot it's rich, creamy, and nutty with hints of sea salt and chocolate. When brewed in the pot it makes a rich, balanced dark roast.

Lucky Shot Coffee Girl Power

Girl power blend

At Lucky Shot Coffee we believe strongly in empowering women so we are very excited to offer the Girl Power Blend! This coffee is sourced solely from women-owned farms...our current offering comes from La Morena, a co-op comprised of 23 farms in Guatemala and $1 from each bag goes to Ransom ReProgram Ministries, a job readiness and life skills training program that helps women  move out of dependency and into a fulfilling career, and also McKemie Place, the only emergency overnight shelter for unaccompanied women in Southwest Alabama.  For more information visit

Lucky Shot Coffee Decaf


The Lucky Shot Decaf is made with premium Arabica Brazilian beans roasted to a dark level that have the smooth, clean taste of air roasted coffee without all the caffeine. It was decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, a method that is environmentally friendly and 100 percent chemical-free.

Lucky Shot Coffee Reserve Roasts

Single Origin Offerings

Lucky Shot Coffee's single origin offerings are reserved roasts that are carefully sourced from premier growing regions and roasted in limited quantities. We find the highest quality, 100% premium Arabica beans and air roast them to bring out their best flavors. Artisan crafted, perfectly balanced, and ultra smooth...these coffees are roasted to order and delivered fresh to your door! Visit our store to see our current offerings.